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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The garden is in!

And it's already coming up in the green houses. I still have lots to do out there, but at least I'll have garden fresh vegetables. Next is digging the pond deeper. {And I'm not looking forward to that at all.}  I had to send the Mantis back to be fixed. So when it comes back, I'll start on the rest of it. {and that's a lot}. But maybe this year I'll get part of the track laid. Won't that be great? lol.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I think it's spring!

At least the sun was shining today. I have already started work outside. It will be a big push to try to get it all done but, it was a good start today.
  Worked my way thought one of the little sheds. Pulled everything out and then moved in 12 {6 on each side of the shed} drawers, stacked 2 high, on each side. Two tall bookcases on one end and a bookcase and a chest of drawers on the other finished the sides. There is a row of tubs down the middle, full of doll furniture and some dolls. It was a very long day and am I tired. But there is still room in the drawers to move some of the stuff out of the house. This sorting takes for ever, but at least now I can get into everything, and hopefully find what I need and not have to lift heavy tubs. Emptied out two big tubs and a lot of boxes. I still have about 12 drawers left to line another shed, but if my back hurts as bad tomorrow as it does right now, I'll not get much done.
I am finding things I lost, but not all of what I am looking for.
  I got a bright idea about the greenhouses, for when they get to hot. I had some plastic leaf covered fences, and draped them over the roofs, three across for each green house. It worked. Now at least when it gets to hot, everything won't burn up.
  The pond had water and ice in it all winter, now I need to clean it out and start the digging, to get it down another two feet. I surely hope I can find someone who would be interested in doing the digging. The fish need to be out in bigger deeper waters.
  The railway, just may get some track laid this summer, if I can get the rest of the work finished in time. I want to plant a garden, and hope I will be able to.
  Still more work then I need right now, but I did pull out the hammock and found a likely spot to hang it. lol. If I could only learn to just stop for a while and enjoy the wonderful sunshine. Tomorrow it might rain. lol.