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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Train in winter.

I have been wanting to take pictures of the railway out in it's winter coat. One really does look forward to the spring, when you see, or should I say don't see, the tracks and buildings etc, buried in the snow.

What looks like a ground hog has dug a long burrow, is really where the track lies under neath the snow. In these next pictures look for the track. It's there.

What you see peaking out of the snow bank is really the tunnel the train ran through last summer.

Then rising up but still under the snow cover is the base for the castle I hope to build this next summer.

I cover all my buildings and focal pieces durning the winter, to help protect them from the thaw/ freeze cycle that goes on all winter. The track however is lying under the snow just as I laid it out.

This next summer I plan on extending the track around the pond and waterfalls. Here is what it looks like now in the dead of winter.

This hole in the ice has also gone through the thaw/freeze cycle, several times, and coming within about 5 or 6 inches of completely closing over.

I really hope the koi are alright down under there, but I have already lost one. I don't know what caused it to die. The waterfall is frozen and down for the winter.

I also cover the wooden bridge, to protect it. You wouldn't know there was a pond there, looking like it does now, except where the aerator is keeping the ice open. I plan on circling the pond with track. Another layer of creation onto of what is already there. I might even change a few things, and add some other buildings.
Along with some gardening I plan on doing, it will be a busy but laze summer. I am hoping to get the castle built as well. Well until spring, this is how it is, on the Kelt Knot Railway, mid-winter.