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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More and more yet again

Far back corner on left side.
Another view of the mound.
about half way on the left side of the garden you will find this....

It is a miniature honeysuckle bush. It's about 20 years old and still growing. At the base is an old bath tub I sunk into the ground. A long time ago, I use to fill it and sit in it after the water had warmed up a bit. Water comes from 225 feet down. That was fun but as you can see now, you would have to crawl under the bush to get in it. lol.

moving across to the far back corner

Along the fence next to the first gate, and the big bush. There is space there to run a train between.
Looking down the fence toward the wild section. Two apple trees, and to the left a little a struggling plum tree
The overgrown wild section back right corner, looking toward the back left corner
The herb garden section. Empty.

Where that green tarp is is a kind of built up mound. Not to high, use to have roses, but they were the first to die. Could be an incline or a waterfall area.

More piacts

Looking past the water pipe, back toward the house
Left front corner again
Back toward the left front corner
Down the fence next to the red maple.

Back side of the alcove.

More garden picks

Middle of the garden looking back toward the alcove.
Looking into the wild section again.
Over the middle line into the old herb garden part.
Nothing is growing here but the ground is well packed on the paths. Perfect for track layout.
looking back towards the left front corner
The cherry tree in the middle of the garden.

Far left side

This is the far left front side with the little flower bed, path way, and the over grown iris bed that needs to be redone. Next to that are two chokecherry bushes/trees. They are growing now that I moved them inside the garden fence, and off the road. Beyond the little bed is another bed that has not been redone.

This is looking toward the alcove and the flower bed that is finished.
 There is room next to it for another bed or whatever. It was never done. The bush is really a bing cherry tree, a lilac bush and another bush I don't know what it is.

A good view of the alcove, with it's seat, and the area where I had the black plastic laid to kill off unwanted plants.

This is a view facing down the garden at what use to be a vegetable garden. Now it's knapweed and quack grass.

  Turning around and looking back toward the front right hand corner and the house.

Looking back along the fence to the right and the front corner where we started.
The alcove and the red maple.

Now you see where I put down black plastic to kill of the weeds and grass, in the front double flower bed. This has not been reworked yet so can be made over for the track to curve around this corner.
Now you can see the flower beds that must remain, in front of the alcove

This is looking down the inside of the fence toward the front right hand corner to show the room between fence and plants etc.

Down The fence, to the left

Moving down the fence across the front to the left a red maple tree {can get between it and the fence} and a low growing juniper bush. The next gate open out {same as the first} and another maple tree in the corner. I think it will be to tight a turn to run the train around the tree.

just before the second gate looking into the garden, at the alcove with the Virginia creeper that took off this year and has really covered the wooden structure. Low growing juniper {same one already mentioned} between it and the fence. Two finished flower beds not to be moved.

The maple that is re growing it's self from the bottom up. A small flower bed, just beyond. You can see the distance from the corner fence to the maple tree.

Looking a little more to the left. You can see all the black plastic in what use to be the herb garden. It was lost to quack grass. More of it later.

Garden- right hand corner

Starting at the right hand corner of the garden, then looking to the left down the fence line. I would have to guess at how big the area is, as I haven't measured it, and I'm not good at guesstimating. I'd have to guess about 40' wide by 60' long. More then enough room to run a G gage railway.
  The first tree to the left of the right hand front corner is an aspen, and to close to the fence to run a train between it and the fence. The come a bush. I don't know what kind, and there is another bush to the front of it that has been covered over by the bigger one.
  Then the first gate.

And so it all begins!

This will be a long standing project, with planning going on in the winter, and building happening in the summer. Over time I am sure the little railway will take shape, and become what I hope it to be. I will be working in G scale, within the garden 8' tall fence. This is to keep the deer off the tracks, and protect all my hard work. Plants don't fair well with the deer eating them. 
  I will be adding little bits here and there after I get the major part planned and laid out.
I want this to be a bit of old Ireland, a touch of fantasy and some fairy-tale thrown in to make it fun. The train will be small to begin and be an 1800's style. Any thoughts on my project by all means drop me an email and share your knowledge.

  I will be listing pictures of the garden area where the planning must take place. There are lots of them, so take a look and tell me what you think.

This is the starting point....

Wish me luck!