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Friday, April 10, 2015

Out with the old and in with the new….

  Last year I wondered if the old arbor would survive the winter. Well, with a bit of propping up it did, but I had promised myself this spring I would take it down and get something new and nice for the Virginia Creepers to grow on. Pulling the vines off the old arbor was a nightmare, and then trying to get them back onto the new arbor was slow and I lost a lot of vines and shoots in the process. But enough remained to get them back up off the ground and this summer they will regrow and create a nice little alcove to sit and watch the train as it runs around the track.
I'm so glad I got it done early as it was beginning to sprout buds and turn green. Now it can grow in peace, and I won't have to disturb it again for perhaps another 20 years {if ever}.

It looks nice there doesn't it?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Dream Complete!

In the early morning hours, as dawn approaches, the castle appears out of the gloom of night.

As the light strikes the east wall, it illuminates the details of the one story design. I didn't want to create the usual "castle". This is the results of daydreams, and imagination.

The railroad runs around the base of the castle. It stand above on it's rocky prom anode, measuring 20" tall, and 34" long X 21" wide. Perfect for a 16" doll with headroom {allowing for bonnets, feathers, and hairstyles.}.

The east side of the castle rises above a waterfall and pond.

The outcropping allows for a fireplace on the inside.

This is the inside as it is being completed.

The bricks helped to hold the walls in place as the glue dried. The opening is the fireplace, which I also tiled and grouted.

This is the fireplace complete with the mantel and surround. I think it turned out pretty nice. As if it was waiting for a fire to be laid.

The rest of the room, finished.

A completed view in the open end

{Well, I had to be able to get inside somewhere}

The turret room is now the music room.

Ellowyne is now at home in her castle. I think she is pondering what to call this magnificent new place, born of a dream in a garden.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Among my Garden Dreams

When I started this spring to decide what I was going to try to do, I never dreamed I would complete much of what I had set out to accomplish. And yet, some how, I have completed quite a few things, and here in the last days of summer/fall I have finished the castle.
   Not only the outside but inside as well.

 Although a dark picture, it shows the coloring of the tiles very well. This is the pond side of the castle.

On the other side of the castle I have added windows {non-opening, just for appearance }

The inside of the turret room before adding flooring.

The room inside before adding paneling and fireplace surround.

The fireplace was tiled as well, and it wasn't easy, as I had to almost crawl inside to work on it..

A picture of the open end before completion.

 This is the end wall with paneling


The turret room with flooring {and that was not easy trying to cut it intro a half round piece}.

I will add pictures of the inside completed tomorrow.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Garden Castle

There is one wall left to do on the outside of the castle, and then it will be complete also. When most people think castle they think great gray stone walls and portals, arrow slits etc. Well, this castle is nothing like that, but it's still a castle. More unusual then most but still very creative.
  One room inside {and a small turret room} with a fire place. The inside is yet to be worked on. So you tell me what you think about this castle…..

This is the side not finished yet.

The end of the castle.

                                                   The turret on the other end corner.

This will give you an idea of how big the castle is, that's Baby my cat {and no she's not bob cat size, just a plain house cat.}

The train runs around the bottom of the castle. {The tracks are removed for now till I finish, so as not to bend them by stepping on them}.
                                                            This is the inside open end.

It turned out to be a very interesting project. After the last wall's tile is up and dry I will still have to grout the tile. It will be covered in the winter to help protect it. I have no idea how long it will last.
It's tall enough inside for a 16" doll to stand up and have head room. Just goes to show you , how you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. And it doesn't have to conform to what everyone thinks. I think it's pretty neat! Now to finish it, next clear day. {It's been raining a lot}

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Koi Pond-alay

In other words, the loop around the koi pond is done!
And a picture is worth a lot of words, so here it is.

Connecting into the main loop, and down the y.

throughout the tree stump.

 Looking down on the track, under the tree stump.

Over the bridge {and I do intend to make a different bridge at later time.}

Around the corner…. and next to the seahorse alcove…

And around the front bend next to the big waterfall

off across the front of the Koi pond

and off to the Keltic ring of life and the main loop

Looking back toward the front of the garden you can see the track behind the trees and pond/waterfall.

And so… the Koi Pond-a-lay is ready to test, and that is for another day.

{I never thought I would make it this year, but there it is.  Never say Never!}