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Friday, July 25, 2014

The Koi Pond-alay

In other words, the loop around the koi pond is done!
And a picture is worth a lot of words, so here it is.

Connecting into the main loop, and down the y.

throughout the tree stump.

 Looking down on the track, under the tree stump.

Over the bridge {and I do intend to make a different bridge at later time.}

Around the corner…. and next to the seahorse alcove…

And around the front bend next to the big waterfall

off across the front of the Koi pond

and off to the Keltic ring of life and the main loop

Looking back toward the front of the garden you can see the track behind the trees and pond/waterfall.

And so… the Koi Pond-a-lay is ready to test, and that is for another day.

{I never thought I would make it this year, but there it is.  Never say Never!}

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Loop # Two

   I wanted to complete another large loop for the train this year, reaching out and around my Koi pond.
I have been working on that loop and have come a long way today toward finishing it. I still have two areas to connect the track, but another good day and that will be done. It wasn't so hot today so aside from the worse part of the day I kept on working until I was really getting bitten by those pesky flying blood suckers. Even spray wouldn't keep them off tonight. So I had to quite and come in. However I did get pictures of what I have completed today.
  It won't be long now, and the train can run both directions.




Monday, July 14, 2014

Station Has Light!

And now there is light for the train.


And there's light

I have converted the station platform into solar lighting, and I have to say it's really neat seeing it out there at night, as it's lit up. I will add pictures of the station tonight, as it now also has a light..
Isn't this neat?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The station stop

I need a name for it but it's now there.

A little light, on the subject.

I found an article on using solar lights in the buildings of your garden railroad. There wasn't anything hard about. Nothing that a Dermal tool and some glue wouldn't take care of. I had a station platform that was hard wired. I didn't want to use any more elect then I had to. Besides it's a lot more realistic with that soft glow, and it runs all night thanks to the sun.
  I had to do some pruning on the maple tree, and again more pruning over next to the fence on a  maple bush that had really overgrown it's area, coving the path around the waterfall.
  I finished converting the other section today and have added it to the garden. Tonight I'll get pictures out in the garden, but this will let you see how it looks. I'm tickled about it, and wish I could add lights to everything, however, that's a little hard when the building is a type of ceramic form.
 I may have to get very creative in order to add lights to them. So, lights please!

The bell shaped lamp shades were some unfinished mesh beads. They look perfect for the station platform. Don't you think?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Koi for the pond

I lost some fish this past winter, so have added some new ones, and these are really something.
One even reminds me of a chinese dragon. Another looks like a killer whale, with black and white markings. These are just a few pictures of the fish as they stream under the bridge.
I really enjoy listening to the water falls and watching the fish.

Koi dragon-mid picture edge left
Orange/black- next to the yellow/gold big one