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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Among my Garden Dreams

When I started this spring to decide what I was going to try to do, I never dreamed I would complete much of what I had set out to accomplish. And yet, some how, I have completed quite a few things, and here in the last days of summer/fall I have finished the castle.
   Not only the outside but inside as well.

 Although a dark picture, it shows the coloring of the tiles very well. This is the pond side of the castle.

On the other side of the castle I have added windows {non-opening, just for appearance }

The inside of the turret room before adding flooring.

The room inside before adding paneling and fireplace surround.

The fireplace was tiled as well, and it wasn't easy, as I had to almost crawl inside to work on it..

A picture of the open end before completion.

 This is the end wall with paneling


The turret room with flooring {and that was not easy trying to cut it intro a half round piece}.

I will add pictures of the inside completed tomorrow.

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