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Friday, July 25, 2014

The Koi Pond-alay

In other words, the loop around the koi pond is done!
And a picture is worth a lot of words, so here it is.

Connecting into the main loop, and down the y.

throughout the tree stump.

 Looking down on the track, under the tree stump.

Over the bridge {and I do intend to make a different bridge at later time.}

Around the corner…. and next to the seahorse alcove…

And around the front bend next to the big waterfall

off across the front of the Koi pond

and off to the Keltic ring of life and the main loop

Looking back toward the front of the garden you can see the track behind the trees and pond/waterfall.

And so… the Koi Pond-a-lay is ready to test, and that is for another day.

{I never thought I would make it this year, but there it is.  Never say Never!}

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